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Monday, June 9, 2014

Future of the blog and completely unrelated cloud R&D

I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, which some of you may have noticed J I’ve got a just-about-finished tutorial describing how to create a ripple deformer in ICE with a “simple” equation. So, no simulation a fancy stuff like that. Just a couple of well-placed nodes J I also have a half-finished piece about creating a weightmap brush, with dispersion, decay etc, which I might finish if anyone asks for it.  In the meantime I’ll post some wip from a few projects I’ve been working on lately.

If you’re wondering about the future for the blog (given the depressing decision from Autodesk earlier this year) I can tell you that the blog will continue just as usual. Well, maybe not exactly as usual as I’m hoping to start adding content more frequently. In a not too foreseen future, the plan is to write articles and tutorials about another 3d application as well…  I am  very much in the learning process myself so I can’t say when I got any useful knowledge to pass on.


blondimage said...

RE: weightmap brush, with dispersion, decay etc.

Would realy love to see this bud.

Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

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