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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sound Vibration

Step 1
Install the addon
Start by installing the Sound2Curve addon by Guy Rabiller, which can be found at This script creates an fcurve based on an audio file (.wav) In case you don’t have any audio file to actually sync with or just want the random motion, you can use the random fcurve script instead, which can be found in the netview

Step 2
Deforming the geometry
Load the scene speaker.scn and run the Sound2Curve script (se the website for further information). There’s numerous ways to deform the geometry of the speaker. In this scenario will make use of the volume deformer since it, apart from being easy to control, gives a nice falloff to the deformation. While everything is already setup for you in the scene, try playing with the settings to customize the effect for your specific needs.
Step 3
Copy the animation
Select the Null created by the Sound2Curve script and press [0] (zero) to open the Animation Editor. In the animation tree, right click on the posy and choose copy animation. Now, select the Volume_deform object (you might need to change the filter in the AE to see none animated parameters), right click on the posz and choose paste animation. Now use the region and/or the HLE too in the AE to scale and modify the fcurve to better suit your current environment.

The project files used in this tutorial can be found at: